What we believe changes everything.

What we believe changes everything.

The Kingdom of God is participative. No by-standing believers!

If you don’t see Kingdom fruit in your life it is because you don’t believe it.

That’s our problem. We don’t believe it.

We think it must be something else, but that is what it is. If you don’t see kingdom fruit in your life, it’s because you don’t believe it.

Another way to say it is “if you want to figure out what you believe, look at the fruit that you see.”

What you see is what you believe! God made your system to work just like that. Whatever you believe in your heart, out of the overflow of your heart your mouth speaks and death and life are in the power of your tongue. So, what is in your heart is what will happen in your life because it is what you will speak!

If you don’t see it, it’s because it is not in your heart. So what we need to get is a vision of something different in our heart. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  If we don’t have the Kingdom vision in our heart, we need to get the kingdom vision in our heart so we can live inside out!

We are supposed to live from behind the veil. As believers, the veil was torn when Jesus’ body was torn and we are able to enter into the Holy of Holies by the cleansing work of His Blood!  (Hear more in Brad Ettore’s sermon about Grace).  Therefore, every work we do leading up to the veil – trying to get behind the veil – is motivated out of religion and self-effort. But every work we do from behind the veil is motivated out of relationship. We are supposed to live from behind the veil to earth – not from the earth to the veil.

We need to get vision from behind the veil of what the Lord is wanting to do in our lives.

The reason we are missing kingdom fruit is because we don’t believe it!

Often we think we need to have a new circumstance. But our context will never determine our success. People constantly think that a change in context is going to change their behavior. Another way to say it is people want to be in a bigger pond. But, being in a bigger pond doesn’t make you a bigger fish – it makes you get eaten alive.

So, every one of us has, right now, a personal, vested responsibility to bring the Kingdom in our area of influence. We think we will bring it when we come to some new context, but the context is not what’s causing your results. Cream always rises to the top. In God’s economy, you get a bigger context when you have been faithful with a smaller one! So, you want to have a mindset that says “it’s my stances that will determine my circumstances – not my circumstances that will determine my stances” (Kris Vallotton)

What we believe changes everything.

Hear more at Wake Up, a sermon from Agathos Church.


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