Spirit, Soul, and Body (part 1c)

Spirit, Soul, and Body (part 1c)

~ This blog post is an adapted excerpt from a sermon by Brad Ettore.  You can hear the whole sermon, Spirit, Soul, and Body (part 1), from Agathos Church. Columbus, Ohio by clicking here.

Now, let’s have a look at what happens in someone when they are born again:

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Remember that, before someone is born-again, their spirit is literally dead – completely cut off from the life of God (just as Jesus talked with Nicodemus about in Jn. 3:3).   Notice what happens when we are born again – we are given a new spirit – the Spirit of God!  What Adam and Eve lost when they sinned in the Garden of Eden, we are given again as a free gift when we receive the saving work of Christ in our lives!  In other words, there is only one part of us that was born again – our spirit.  This is why people can be born again and still act like idiots.  We may think “I thought you were a Christian?!?”  They are.  They are just acting in accordance with their un-transformed minds (soul) and not their perfected spirit.  God lives on the inside of them, but they are doing their best to not let Him out!

Our soul (including our mind) was not born again in that glorious day we accepted the Lord.  If you were given to anger before being born again, you probably still had anger problems after being born again.  If you were not very attractive before your conversation, you probably looked very similar after being born again.   Your body did not instantaneously change at salvation. Our soul can change by the renewing of your mind (Rom. 12:2), but it is generally not “automatic” at salvation.

When we are born again, there is an illumination that immediately happens in our mind, but it is not “complete” – we carry that process through by renewing our mind by the Word of God.  The same is true of our emotions.  If we were an emotional wreck before we got saved, we will likely notice a difference in our emotions right away, but that transformation will not be at all complete.  After our salvation, there will still be more work to do about our emotions being transformed.  This is why Hebrews 10:14 says “For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.”  As born-again believers, we have been perfected forever in our spirits, but we are being sanctified in our souls / minds.  The soul needs to be transformed.  The body then comes in line with the soul.  For instance, being free from condemnation removes fear and a lack of fear keeps us from stress.  Studies show how stress is at the root of a majority of sickness.  Long story short, our  transformed soul will transform our body.  The process of living from “the inside, out” starts with our spirit, proceeds through our soul and affects our bodies and the lives of those around us as well.

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