A Decision to be Spiritually Employed

A Decision to be Spiritually Employed

Works that proceed from righteousness are a good thing.  James said “I will show you my faith by my works.”  (James 2:18)  James’ righteousness was caused by his faith (just like it is for all of us) and that righteousness (or right-standing with God) caused some works to come forth from James.  Faith without works is dead. (James 2:17) That said, grace that is mixed with works is no longer grace. (Rom 11:6)  We are not going to work FOR righteousness, but FROM (or because of) righteousness.  Because we have right-standing with God, let’s get down to business!

It has often been said that retirement hastens aging.  This makes sense in light of the scriptures because those who seek to save their life lose it but those who seek to lose their life find it. (Luke 17:33)  What you give away is what you get to keep.  So, if someone retires for the purpose of keeping to themselves, they will naturally experience less of the abundant life God has for them.

As believers, some of us have retired from sharing the gospel – and perhaps before we ever started.   Yet, you can’t retire from a career you were never or barely involved in.  Stepping into the work of the Kingdom will rejuvenate your walk with God!  It is time to WAKE UP!  Take a shower.  Get dressed.  Go to work.  Get in the game.  Be spiritually employed!

If you are truly spiritually employed then you are probably seeing some results (some work products) that come from that spiritual employment.  If you were a machinist, you would expect to see some products, made of metal, by the end of the day.  The products of your work are signs of your employment.  If there were not products on your workbench at the end of the day, it probably means you did not show up to work that day.

In other words, what you see is evidence of what you believe.  If you want to see something different than what you currently see, you need to think something different than what you currently think.  What we believe changes everything.  It’s time to wake up and get to work.

Seeking first the Kingdom is an example of a priority.  Jesus said it should come “first.”  “First things first” is a classic phrase that typifies priority-based thinking.  The key to understanding priorities is to realize they are decisions not circumstances.  Going to work is a decision and seeking first the Kingdom will always be a decision as well.  A true decision is made based on principle or resolve – it is internal not external.  Cycles of indecision are perpetuated by waiting to see the fruit from a tree which you have not planted.  The root (a decision) produces the fruit (results).  Break that cycle by making a choice for the Kingdom!

“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve . . . but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”                                                       Joshua 24:15

This blog post is an excerpt from a sermon by Peter DeWitt.  Hear the whole sermon, Seek First the Kingdom of God (part 2), from Agathos Church. Columbus, Ohio

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