4 Manifestations of Pride: The Role of Humility in Our Lives (part 7d)

4 Manifestations of Pride: The Role of Humility in Our Lives (part 7d)

~ This blog post is an adapted excerpt from a sermon by Brad Ettore.  You can hear the whole sermon, The Role of Humility in Our Lives (part 7),  from Agathos Church – a non-denominational Christian Church in Columbus, Ohio by clicking here.

Humility is a place of rest.  Pride actually robs you of God’s presence.  God will help you identify pride in your life if you ask Him – and He will be so sweet in revealing it.  If the enemy has used your heart as a garbage dump, get that garbage out!  The more space we give for grace, the more grace we get . . . and we make that space by removing pride!  Here are some of the manifestations of pride:

1. Pride always wants to exalt itself  (Are we always wanting to talk about ourself when we are with others?) Humility doesn’t have a need to talk about itself. Humility is tickled to life just to love on others, to see into their lives, to hear from them . . . .humility has no need to talk about itself.  Are we always wanting to impress?  Don’t do anything to impress anyone. For instance, name dropping – one of those little things we do to impress – is pride, pure and simple.

2. Pride is not interested in others, only in self.   As a result, pride is not a good listener. Pride is a terrible listener. Pride is an interrupter. If we interrupt people a lot, that is pride.  Pride wants to interrupt because it believes that what we have to say is more important than what others are saying.  Humility is all ears. Humility cares about the other person and really wants to understand them and what they have to say.  Humble people make great listeners.

3. Pride always tries to be different.  Are we constantly “advertising our difference?”  If so, then, in our thinking, there is some thought of superiority that goes with our “difference.”  “There are not too many people like me,” we think.  Here’s the truth: we are really not that different!  It is only pride that wants to insist that we are different than others.  Look at 2 Corinthians 10:13, “all temptations are common to man.”  Even your temptations are not that unique. All temptations are common to man. There are no new tricks from the devil.  Remember though that a lack of difference is not lack of specialness. We are very special to God!

4. Pride does not want to be taught or corrected; it only wants to teach and correct others, always being right. Humility is continually wanting to learn. Pride will make you dumber than a box of rocks!  It convinces you that you are at a stage of life where you just need to share with others.  We know SO LITTLE!  Pride makes up a nonexistent world (a deception) in which we are supremely knowledgable.  Humility, on the other hand, sees accurately.  Humility is acutely circumspect.  There is comfort in humility – letting others run the earth.  Pride, on the other hand, is constant maintenance!  Pride constantly has to puff up  a persona – a lie.  Pride is pure bondage.  Humility is freedom to “let it go!”  Humility accurately thinks “I know nothing, I am nothing, and I am good – because I have God!”  Humility is completely cast into the loving hands of God.  A humble person has committed themselves entirely to God’s hands – and is SAFE!!! There is no rejection for us when we are walking in humility, because we are so taken care of by God’s love for us!  To have another “nothing” speak against me when God (the everything) loves us . . .. it doesn’t matter to us at all!  Humility is a place of freedom!

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